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TOOLS developed to explore our data

Kindly click the images to access the tools.

ERC figure 1.tiff

TOOL: micro RNA & mRNA
Bulk RNA sequencing of microRNAs and mRNAs in human skin, acute wounds, and venous ulcers


TOOL: circular RNA (circRNA)
Circular RNA signatures of human skin, acute wounds, and venous ulcers


Human in vivo wound healing model. Full-thickness excisional wounds (4mm in diameter) are created on the skin of healthy volunteers and wound-edge tissues are collected with 6mm biopsy punches 1, 7, and 30 days later from the same donor. The time points are chosen to capture the three sequential phases of wound repair, i.e., inflammation (~3 days), proliferation (~4-21 days), and remodelling (~21days-one year). 

TOOL: single cell Smart-seq2
Single-cell RNA sequencing of epidermal cells of human skin, acute wounds, and pressure ulcers


TOOL: single cell RNA-seq of Human Wound Skin Atlas (10X)



(Will be accessible soon)

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