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Lab Members

Ning Xu Landén
Associate Professor, Group Leader
Research interest: Decoding gene expression regulation in human skin wound healing 
Zhuang Liu
PhD, Postdoc Fellow
Research interest: Integrating and interpreting multi-omic data in human skin wound healing
Guanglin Niu
PhD, Postdoc Fellow
Research Interest: Noncoding RNAs in regulation of cell stemness and disease condition
Letian Zhang
PhD Student
Research interest: long noncoding RNAs and microRNAs in keratinocyte differentiation and skin wound healing
Lihua Luo
Research Assistant
Research interest: Using Multi-omic analysis to reveal molecular events in skin wound healing
_47A1346白色 - Copy.png
Xiaowei Bian
PhD Student
Research Interest: Epigenetic regulation in human wound healing
Portrait photo.png
Jennifer Geara
PhD Student
Research interest: Mitochondria encoded circular RNA in Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Yongjian Chen
PhD Student
Research interest: Multi-omic analysis to reveal the role of regulatory RNAs in human skin wound healing


  • Diana Juanes Gusano: Visiting PhD Student (2022.09 - 2022.12).

  • Monica Maselli: Visiting master student (2022.03 - 2022.09).

  • Minna Piipponen: Postdoc fellow (2020-2022).

  • Maria-Alexandra Toma: PhD student in 2017-2022, now working at Amgen Inc. 

  • Qizhang Wang: Visiting PhD student (2020.12–2021.12)

  • Dongqing Li: Postdoc (2014-2018), Assistant Professor (2018-2021).

  • Yuen Ting Cheung: master student at Uppsala University, performed a bioinformatic project in 2020-2021.

  • Darco Zindrou: medical student at KI, performed a summer project in 2020 June.

  • Milja Miettinen: medical student at KI, performed a master project in 2020.

  • Manika Vij: postdoc fellow in 2018-2019

  • Kim Pham: medical student at KI, performed a master project in 2019

  • Xi Li: PhD student in 2014-2019, now R&D Scientist at Oriflame, Sweden

  • Victor Qiu: medical student at KI, performed a summer project in 2018

  • Eva Herter: Postdoc fellow in 2016-2018, now R&D Scientist at Agilent, Germany

  • Jianmin Wu: Postdoc fellow in 2017-2018, now Associate Professor in Wenzhou Medical University, China

  • Dani Visscher: Master student in 2017 (Netherlands)

  • Jingxin Ma: Visiting researcher in 2017, now professor in Dalian Medical University (China)

  • Aoxue Wang: Visiting researcher in 2016, now professor in Dalian Medical University (China)

  • Eleni Liapi: Project student in 2016, now PhD student in Maastricht University (Netherlands)

  • Xi Liu: Master student in 2014, now PhD student in Karolinska Institutet

  • Benedicta Ugochi Iwuagwu: Master student in 2012, now PhD student in Robert Gordon University (UK)

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