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Academic activites 2022

EMBO Workshop 2022

2022 Farewell fika for Minna and Maria

2022 Summer school and Retreat

2022 Maria's dissertation

2022 Maria's thesis nailing

2021 Qizhang's farewell fika

2021 Xmas Party

ESDR 2021 Meeting

2021 Happy cake for Letian half time

2021 Dongqing's farewell fika

2020 IWH Conference

A long non coding RNA cake

celebrating publication of WAKMAR1 paper

Meds Day (2020)

Meds Day Ning Group Poster 200302.png

Happy Lab Time

Us at conferences, 2017

Our lab and office

Group visit to Dalian, China. 2017

        Xi Li's dissertation

Chinese collaborators visit in Stockholm. 2017

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